September 4, 2015 to October 4, 2015
Peter Vandermark, Kael Stasce, Danny Wild

The Garage is an independent project born from the idea that art could be shown everywhere, even in spaces not traditionally devoted to art. We are used to seeing art in museums and galleries, but what happens when artworks are shown in different contexts? Are artworks less recognisable or does a dialogue with a different space add new meanings to them? Do we still need a museum, a white cube, a case, a frame, a caption to tell what is art and what is not? Are we able to understand art in a private space, in a shop, in an office, in a garage?

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The protagonists of The Garage first exhibition, Peter Vandermark and Kael Stasce, both explore, at different levels, the relationship between artwork and the space.

The objects created by Peter Vandermark are in between architecture, furnishings, models, maquettes and design. Nothing remains of the sculpture in the traditional sense; instead we have combined and restrained furniture, industrial materials transformed in enigmatic modular forms, evidence of a world where «everything is designed, the body and nature just as much as buildings and things». His sinuous Articulation Series, made of aircon ducting and lighting spheres, twist and turn in space; white and grey, they mix with architectural elements, conditioning discreetely our consumption of the room. His periscopes, instead, affirm their presence through vivid colours, they catch our attention and divert our gaze, inviting us to see the space from a different perspective.

Kael Stasce explores the boundaries between bidimensionality and tridimensionality. He is a sculptor with a background in painting and, in his works, he combines metal and wood structures and objects -like gears, hinges, bike frames, flat surfaces - with abstract painting. Through simple industrial objects and precise geometric figures, Stasce plays with perspective, challenging our visual perception and physical experience of art. For The Garage Stasce will produce a site specific work through which he will investigate the necessity and limits of the traditional white cube.

The opening night will feature a performance by Danny Wild, who will present a new amazing project based on the interaction (and correspondence) of sound and video.

Peter Vandermark obtained the Bachelor of Visual Arts in 1989 at the Canberra Institute of the Arts. Since he graduated from art school in 1989, Vandermark has established for himself a reputation as one of the most provocative, inventive, witty, cerebral yet challenging sculptors of his time. His most recent solo shows are Modulations at Canberra Contemporary Artspace, and the exhibition of his new works presented at Olsen Irwin Gallery in Sydney, both in 2014. He also exhibited in various group shows including Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Award in Melbourne (2015, 2013, 2012, 2011) and Soft Sculpture at the National Gallery of Australia (2009). Among others, his work is part of the National Gallery of Australia.

Kael Stasce attained a Bachelor of Visual Arts with Honours, majoring in Painting from the Australian National University School of Art in 2014. He received the Canberra Contemporary Art Space Residency Award in 2014, as well as the Canberra Mentorship Award. In 2015 he won the CAPO M16 Emerging Artist Prize. Kael has exhibited in a variety of group exhibitions including shows at Canberra Contemporary Art Space, M16 Art Space and the ANU School of Art foyer and main gallery spaces.

Danny Wild is a visual artist living and working in Canberra, Australia. Danny has a multifaceted practice that spreads across audio, video, installation and performance. Repetition, routine and suburban life is at the core of Danny’s practice. Recently, Danny has presented a number of site specific performances at Canberra art festivals You Are Here and Art, Not Apart, undertook the 2014 Canberra Contemporary Artspace Studio Residency Program and was a recipient of the Australia Council ArtStart Grant, with which he toured an audio visual performance work to New York and Canberra in late 2014.

Thanks to Alex Hobba for the installation photos.

The Garage space for this exhibition was kindly offered by Danielle Salvestro.