a walking exhibition

April 5, 2017 to April 9, 2017
Luke Aleksandrow, Oscar Capezio, Tony Curran, Heath Franco, Nathan Gray, Alex Hobba, Shags, Angela Tiatia

A Walking Exhibition is a group exhibition showing video artworks from Luke Aleksandrow, Oscar Capezio, Tony Curran, Heath Franco, Nathan Gray, Alex Hobba, Shags and Angela Tiatia. As a part of You Are Here 2017, the show takes place in different locations on Lonsdale Street, Braddon. Opening night on Wednesday 5 April, 6pm, at Anvil Studio, The Hamlet, Braddon.

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A Walking Exhibition might also be last The Garage exhibition in Canberra. It might move somewhere else or just disappear. In a way, The Garage has never existed. There is no gallery space, no program, no board or committee. It is more an idea -or a sequence of evolving ideas.

A Walking Exhibition is, first of all, the expression of the ubiquitous essence of The Garage, with artworks spread in unexpected spaces like studios and shops; subsequently, it represents its collective nature, involving the Canberra art community as well as shop owners and shop assistants. Video art as well is an established but partially undefined media, and the exhibition focuses particularly on its less cinematographic form. Most of the works in the show are filmed with a fixed camera, showing anti-narrative actions: still images, reminiscent of photography, or events that are so basic and simple that they can be related to everything and nothing at once, or again, repetitive gestures, bordering on obsession. Time is frozen or accelerated, fragmented, disrupted.

Anvil Studio, The Hamlet, 16 Lonsdale St Luke Aleksandrow, Rome Experiment 3, 2015. Single channel video-loop, 2.27 minutes. Rome Experiment 3 was made at the end of a 6 week residency at c.r.e.t.a. Rome (Italy) where Aleksandrow slip-cast dozens of porcelain forms that were subsequently broken in the creation of two separate videos. The act of breaking the moulds marks the conclusion of the residency, and the process of reflection and making new work starts again.

Skeehan Studio, The Hamlet, 16 Lonsdale St Oscar Capezio, Working Title, 2014. Single channel video-loop, 21.05 minutes. Shot in the aisles of Masters - The Home Improvement Superstore, Working Title shows the genesis and destruction of “interim sculptures” constructed from common building materials pulled directly from the shelves, presented and then quickly deconstructed and made to disappear by the capricious hand of the artist through simple and quite anonym gestures. Nathan Gray, Works<30s, ongoing since 2013, HD 1080p Video with Stereo Sound Works<30s is a series of video experiments by Nathan Gray that use brevity as a strategy to take a simple restriction, a time limit, and uses it to stimulate a variety of surprising effects. The works quickly setup and subvert situations functioning in much the same way as jokes do. And though humorous they succinctly communicate ideas about the materiality of daily life and the ways in which we expect objects to behave.

Ex Autolyse, 23 Lonsdale St Heath Franco, TELEVISIONS, 2013, HD video, sound,12.17 minutes. Courtesy of the artist and Galerie pompom, Sydney Heath Franco’s TELEVISIONS is a linear exploration across several fictitious television channels - a kind of time-based digital landscape. The “look” of Australian commercial network television is loosely referenced - it’s logos/symbols, jingles, framing techniques, advertisements and media personalities feature in subverted forms. Imaginations on the notion of static as the remnants of ‘big bang’ matter and the mysterious featureless spaces existing between channels are also explored. Alex Hobba, Monument, 2017 Monument is based on a collection of very basic experiences, like a weather so severe and so cold to shook the understanding of the body in the environment. Confronted with a new level of vulnerability, the artist navigated her way through a new environment, where sustaining herself felt like a very new responsibility, forming a free-associative flow of disparate events, a demonstration of the complexity and intricacy of experience. Angela Tiatia, Woman’s Movement, 2016 Woman’s Movement looks the physical movements often used by iconic female singers in music videos. The female performers are anonymous while emulating feminine and provocative dance gestures and postures. Through repeated efforts to perfect these movements, the figures are shown in various states of failure and exhaustion to rehumanise, repoliticise and decolonise the body from the pervading prescriptions of pop culture.

Eye Candy Optical, 136/24 Lonsdale St Shags, Back in yer box, 2016. Animation and mixed media, 00:00:58 looped. Dimensions variable. Back in yer box is a direct reference to the Australian slang used to scold a seemingly disobedient dog. It articulates control and reminds them of their place. In the installation, the infinite loop of the video is mirrored in the repetition of objects, speaking about an hopeless suburban space and the futile effort to escape from it.

Barrio Café, 59/30 Lonsdale St Tony Curran, The unconscious is a rectangle, 2016 – ongoing. Processing sketch on 55” LED display. The unconscious is a rectangle is the latest development in Curran’s practice of working between digital life drawing and painting. The unconscious uses forms found from life-drawing sittings and remixes different shapes to generate millions of new compositions. As more shapes are gradually mined from the drawings and added to the program this work continues to grow in complexity, resulting in a more dynamic digital experience while assisting in the production of new elaborate paintings.

Images: Angela Tiatia, Woman’s Movement (still), 2016; Shags, Back in yer box, 2016; Nathan Gray, Works<30 No.12, 2014; Tony Curran, The unconscious is a rectangle, 2016 - ongoing; Heath Franco, TELEVISIONS, 2013 (still); Alex Hobba, Monument, 2017 (still); all works courtesy the artists; TELEVISIONS by Heath Franco courtesy the artist and Galerie pompom, Sydney.

A Walking Exhibition is supported by the wonderful team at You Are Here as well as Anvil Studio, Barrio,Eye Candy, Naked Foods, and Skehaan Studio.